The Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk offers a spacious room for your monitors and other computer accessories with flair of modern design. The desk top is crafted with real wood which gives it a more traditional look.

The whole desk wears a sophisticated appearance that can hold all items securely in place.


  • Desk top is made of real wood to give a stylish modern appearance
  • Includes a keyboard drawer that rolls inside and outside the desk
  • Includes a platform to hold computer tower
  • Steel frame is durable enough to support all items placed on the desk
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 59 x 55 x 29.5 inches
  • The desk’s middle is constructed in a curve design which enables it to angle in an L-shape, offering more space


Stylish and traditional look

The combination of pure wood and metal frame highlights the modern look of the desk. The desk top which is made of real wood heightens its traditional appearance.

Aside from spacious rooms it doesn’t lack in aesthetic value and can be a worthy addition to room decor.

More surface area

The desk top offers more surface area because of keyboard tray and a platform for computer tower.

With keyboard and computer tower secured below the desk, the table becomes spacious enough for more monitors and other accessories.


The desk top is constructed with real wood which is a durable material that can handle adequate load of items. The steel frame nicely supports the entire weight of the table.


Keyboard tray is hard to install

The assembly of the whole desk is quite easy but the keyboard is difficult to attach to the desk due to lack of pilot screw holes.

If you want to avoid this kind of hassle choose a product that requires no assembly, like Origami RDE-01 computer desk.

Bottom rack seems impractical

Another problem is that the bottom rack is difficult to use because of its complicated design. Misaligned and undersized holes

You will have to fix the misaligned holes and enlarge some others which seem to be too small for screwing. Make sure that all holes fit the parts which need to be screwed.

Comparison with other products

X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk

The Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk is better than the X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk because it offers more stability and surface area. It saves more space too.

Moreover, it comes with computer tower platform and keyboard tray which X-Elite Pro lacks. However, X-Elite Pro can be transformed into a standing desk in an instant while Best Choice corner desk can only be used as e a sitting desk.

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary desk

The Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk offers much better desktop quality than the Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary desk.

Its wooden top doesn’t create any fingerprint smudge like Walker Edison’s glass top. Moreover, Best Choice is less fragile than Walker Edison’s desk top material.

Though both desks offer keyboard trays, the CPU stand of Walker Edison offers more stability than Best Choice platform.


Although it may appear small, it is actually a spacious table which can accommodate more than one monitor for gaming and office work.  Its L-shaped design can save space yet offer more surface area.

Given its features and price, the Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk is definitely one of the best desks in the market right now.

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