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Everyone has their own idea of what makes for cool gaming desks, but not all gamers can afford a large fancy piece of furniture. If there is limited space in your room you also cannot afford to have a large desk, so what is the solution? The answer is to buy one that is suitable for gaming but won’t break your budget nor consume too much real estate.

One of the products that has gotten the approval of gamers and computer users in general is the Clifton White Computer Desk from Flash Furniture. It certainly looks good if looking for a white desk, but how is it durability wise?


  • The surface has a smooth laminate surface which is comparable to those on more expensive desks.
  • The desk construction is solid. The legs and frame are made from the same materials, indicating that it is built for gamers.
  • There is a raised top shelf where you can place gaming accessories and discs.
  • The frame has a durable silver powder coating, giving it the kind of finish you would see in more expensive gaming desks.
  • The bottom shelf is spacious and at 13.875” from the floor, it is just the right height so items there are accessible.
  • The assembled desk measures 23.5 x 27.9 x 31.5 inches. Its footprint is small, but the desk surface is generous and should suffice for most gamers.
  • The desk has been built for multitasking. A lot of those who buy the Clifton desk do so for gaming, but there is plenty of room for office work and writing.
  • The desk comes with detailed instructions for assembly.
  • The construction and design places emphasis on functionality, but it is stylish too.
  • The desk has an ergonomic design, a crucial feature if you spend hours playing games.


  • The desk surface gives you plenty of space not just for games but also for writing and office related work. The generous surface makes for comfortable typing or writing, and there is plenty of space for your writing materials.
  • The Clifton Workstation bottom shelf is generously sized. Most of the time you’ll be using this to store the CPU, but it’s also a convenient spot for your printer or other gaming gear.
  • The desk feels and looks solid. Some desks are notorious for bending when heavy objects are placed on it. The Clifton desk holds up well and doesn’t crack under the heavy weight.
  • The large area means you can mix and match the various components you will need. For gaming there is space for your monitor and CPU, and the rest of the space can be for the speakers, headsets, game discs and controls.
  • If you want to use the desk for home office work, the space allows you to do just that. You could set up the desk so the top shelf holds your monitor and speakers, and there will be enough room for an external drive and a DVD player.
  • The secondary shelf is perfect for your mouse and pad, and there is sufficient space for a full size keyboard.


  • The bottom shelf has sufficient space for today’s compact printers. If you’ve got an old large printer there may not be enough space available.
  • A customer reviewer has complained of the lack of leg room. However most of the people who bought this this desk are happy with it.
  • This desk is most suited for casual and practical gamers. If you are a hardcore gamer who uses multiple controls and monitors, the Clifton desk might be too small. Otherwise, this desk will do fine.

Comparison with Other Computer Desks

The Clifton Desk has gotten a lot of good reviews, but how does it stack up when compared to the Techni Mobili Computer Desk and the Soges Computer Table Workstation Desk? All three desks have followers but which one is the best? Let’s begin with the Clifton and the Techni Mobili.

The Techni Mobili is larger at 43 x 20 x 30 inches. However this refers to the physical footprint, as the actual desk space is pretty close. Design wise the Clifton looks better than the Techni Mobili, and its white surface feels smoother. This is especially important if you’re a gamer who uses an optical mouse.

Another issue with the Techni Mobili is the assembly. As a lot of customer reviews have pointed out, it’s difficult to assemble whereas the Clifton is more straightforward. Add the fact that the Clifton is more durable and it is the clear choice. This isn’t to say the Techni Mobili isn’t that good, but that the Clifton offers greater value.

As for the Soges Computer Desk, it’s certainly stylish and the storage capacity is comparable to the Clifton. There is a keyboard tray included, but that is part of the problem as there is no space for your mouse. This means the mouse will not be on the same level as the keyboard, which is awkward for gaming.

Another issue with the Soges is the tray finish peels off with extended use, a problem that has been reported by more than one reviewer. In contrast the Clifton finish doesn’t come off and lasts a long time.

The bottom line is the Clifton Desk more than holds up when compared to other computer desks. Is it fancy? No it isn’t, but it is very effective. It is a good example of a no frills desk and should appeal to those who don’t need a fancy furniture piece and just want to focus on gaming.


There are a lot of gaming desks available today, and the problem for most users is deciding what to buy. One needs to strike a balance between getting a sufficiently large desk and one that is too small, and going through all those reviews can take too much time.

Well we can save you the trouble of looking for cool gaming desks as the Clifton White Computer Desk is one that fits the bill. It’s not the fanciest one around and hardcore gamers may long for more. But if you’re a practical gamer this white desk will get the job done.

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