Gaming Computer Desk – Bello CD8841 Review

Have you been looking for the right gaming computer desk online? A casual gamer will be happy with just about any desk, but when you’re battling aliens for hours on end, you’ll need a desk that’s fit for your requirements. Even if you have the best gaming rig with all the bells and whistles, it’s not going to be of much use if you’re not comfortable
with your desk.

One of those gaming desks that has gotten positive feedback is the Bell’O CD8841 Computer Desk. It looks stylish enough but can it handle the rigors of gaming? We decided to take a look.

bello desk specs


  • The desk is constructed from solid materials and is built expressly for gaming and other computing needs.
  • The CD8841 has an open architectural design for more comfortable gaming.
  • The tinted tempered safety glass surface provides a smooth surface for convenient use of gaming mice.
  • The desk is supported by reinforced frame so it can handle heavier weights.
  • The wood sides are curved and covered with an espresso finish, and there is a glossy black finish on the posts.
  • The CD8841 comes with a glass pull out shelf in the center. This can be used for a mouse, keyboard or other paraphernalia.
  • At the back of the desk is its proprietary CMS® Cable Management System. This feature is specifically meant for managing and routing wires and cables.
  • The overall dimensions of the desk is 47″W x 30″H x 24″D.
  • Just like other Bell’O products, the CD8841 contains genuine wood elements.
  • The keyboard shelf dimensions are 30-1/8″W x 12-3/8″D.
  • Some assembly is required, but instructions are provided.
  • The instructions are step by step and all components are properly labeled for easy reference.


  • The desk surface is large enough to fit a couple of 20 inch TVs.
  • The protrusion of the legs is enough so you can set this up against a wall.
  • The CD8841 is capable of handling a lot of weight. You can put a 34 inch monitor here along with a couple of good sized speakers, router and other accessories you may have.
  • The desk comes in a neat package. One of the most common complaints with these products is they often arrive damaged in some way. Especially good to see is the way each bolt, nut and screw is stored in individual compartments. Because they are well organized it’s easy to get started with the assembly.
  • The CD8841 is built with emphasis on durability, but it looks sharp too. The curved wood stands out, and if you have other Bell“O furniture they will complement each other.
  • The surface is smooth and shouldn’t affect the operation of your mouse. Even if you don’t use a pad a typical mouse should work fine.
  • The keyboard tray is larger than the ones which come with other desks, and it is roomy enough for even oversized keyboards. It also has enough real estate for a gaming pad and a mouse.
bello CD8441
bello CD8441


  • Because the surface is glass and as we mentioned earlier, should be compatible with most mice. However you can never be 100% sure. If your mouse doesn’t respond well you should get a mouse pad.
  • Just like with most gaming computer desks some reviewers have problems with the assembly.  Most of the time people can get this up and ready in 25 minutes and another 20 minutes to clean up.
  • While the packaging secures the desk, it does come with a lot of Styrofoam. You have to be careful when opening so it doesn’t fly everywhere.

Comparison with Other Gaming Computer Desks

While the Bell’O CD8841
 is a pretty good gaming desk, it’s not the only one. There are a lot of these available and it’s only fair if we compare the Bell’O CD8841 with a few others. So let’s see how it stacks up against the Coaster Home Furnishings 800107 Contemporary Computer Desk and the HomCom 69″ Modern L-Shaped Symmetrical Glasstop Office Workstation Computer Desk.

The Coaster Home looks sturdy, and it comes with drawers for extra storage space. However, the actual suable space is small, and it is made of particle wood. Another complaint is the time it takes to assemble, which is anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. In contrast the Bell’O CD8841 is easier to put together.

The Coaster Home earns points for style and the drawers, but if you’re a gamer you don’t really that as you need those items to be easily accessible, which is what the Bell’O CD8841 provides.

The HomCom offers plenty of space and is fine for casual gamers, but the surface isn’t that smooth. The materials are not of the same quality as the CD8841 and there are several complaints when it comes to the instructions.

Another problem with the HomCom is that all the components are held together except for the base. What this means is if you decide to move the HomCom the body will not come along with the base, and you’re going to have to spend a lot of time messing with the cam locks.

All three of these desks offer something for the gamer, but the CD8841 is the best one in our view. It doesn’t just look better in terms of appearance, but it’s also the most durable of the three. While there are a few complaints with the assembly, it is far easier to put together, and it is also more stable.


Gaming Computer Desk Verdict

If you only play games on occasion, you’ll be happy with any desk, but a dedicated gamer won’t settle for a makeshift. It’s not just about the space and footprint but also your comfort level and its durability. Not all desks have these capabilities so making the right choice is critical.

The Bell’O CD8841 Computer Desk is one product that manages to meet these expectations. It is solidly built, offers plenty of real estate for your gaming rig, and the specs – all the way to the height and clearance – are just right. Bottom line: we give this Gaming Computer Desk the thumbs up.  Great gaming computer desk!


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Great Gaming Computer Desk


Verified Purchase

Thanks to reading other reviews I was prepared for the foam packing. It’s kind of brittle and little white dots are easily scattered. I vacuumed as I went and it greatly simplified the clean up. The directions were very good, fasteners clearly marked in separated plastic. I unpacked this downstairs and carried the pieces up to my computer room. Total time from starting to unpack to finished assembly was about one hour, maybe a bit longer. This is a great gaming desk. Very wide keyboard tray hold my logitech gamepad, keyboard, and mouse/pad. Plus it’s very sturdy. Plenty of room on top for my widescreen 34 inch monitor with room left over on each side for speakers. I’m glad I took the time to research computer desks. This comes highly recommended.

bello CD8441 gaming desk

Awesome Gaming Computer Desk

Verified Purchase

The desk took approx. 3-5 days to receive. The unit arrived in good shape, considering the distant the unit traveled to arrive at my doorstep. After reading a review from another owner, I took time to carefully open the unit and didn’t have as much a mess to clean up from the packaging. The unit was put together with ease, as the instructions were straight-forward and every piece properly labeled. I love the fact that each and every individual screw, nut, and bolt were placed in its own compartment within the plastic packaging as this sped up the process. Start to finish I would say around 30-40mins. Unit is very sturdy and wide enough to fit my Asus PB278Q and Fractal Design Define Mini on it with room to spare. It even matches my other Bell’O Wood TV stand that I now use as a stand for my printer and other misc. things. Big plus for the wifey aspect.


Great desk for a home office


Verified Purchase

We purchased this desk for my bother for an office that contains two L-desks in our house where we run our start-up out of and operate daily. The desk has been really good for him and the set-up of our approx 00sq ft room. Desk assembly is straight-forward and directions are easy to understand. Glass cleans well. My favorite part of the desk is the huge keyboard glass component underneath. It’s really sexy and so big, you can game on anything with a Razor mouse and gaming pad.

computer desk

Classy and sturdy


Verified Purchase

It looks great, the glass doesn’t scratch easily while dragging multiple things across it’s surface. The keyboard drawer glides smoothly. The desk holds my 24″ iMac and Klipsch speakers nicely with plenty of desk space to spare. Assembly wasn’t terrible, took me roughly 30-40 mins by myself. I agree with the other review about the styrofoam though, it got eeeeverywhere.

I have a friend that bought a knockoff looking version of this desk and it’s a piece of junk. He bought his the same time I bought this one and I only paid $30 more than he did and his is already broken.


A Good Looking, High Quality Gaming Computer Desk


Verified Purchase

This desk was purchased for our home office, and we couldn’t be happier. The product is very high quality, all of the components are solid. The desktop is very spacious-our 20″ monitor looks tiny on it, so those looking at dual monitors will appreciate the room. The keyboard tray also frees up the upper part of the desk for paper work and other items. The tray also has a good amount of resistance-the keyboard won’t slide in and out when you don’t want it.

-Superb quality
-Very good looking-much better than your typical wire frame desks
-Easy to assemble
-Drawer has just enough give-so it isn’t sliding while you’re typing
-Lots of desktop room

-Not really much of a con-but you need a mouse pad for some devices because of the glass.

-A spacious, good looking, high quality desk well worth the cost.

 Gaming Computer Desk

High quality but not “espresso”


Verified Purchase

Love the desk! High quality, nice weight, easy to put together, and stylish. The wood was said to be espresso, however, it appeared to be more of dark oak color instead. Still love it anyway.

this gaming computer desk for a short while but I really like it. Having put together some new furniture recently …


Verified Purchase

I’ve only had this desk for a short while but I really like it. Having put together some new furniture recently (still moving into my house), I found this piece one of the easier and enjoyable to assemble. It looks nice and feels sturdy.

My only complaints are 1) there was a lot of styrofoam in the packing which made for a messy assemble/clean up. But I think I’m also thankful it was there because the box was horribly mistreated during delivery and yet everything was fine when I opened it up. 2) Its a little short. My office chair does not make it under the desk at its normal height so I had to prop the desk up a bit to make that work. The height from floor to tray is about 24.5″.


Beautiful gaming desk, I bought it twice, the first one was for me and the second is for my wife.

Verified Purchase

The gaming computer desk is beautiful. The purchase was not fulfilled by Amazon and it took a week for it to arrive. After unpacking and getting all the little Styrofoam particles off me, the floor and pieces, the desk assembled easily in about 25 minutes with another 20 minutes cleanup. When you open the packaging, little Styrofoam particles go everywhere. On the second one my wife was standing by with the vacuum and it saved about 15 minutes of cleanup. I threw away the Allen Wrench that came with it and used a small hex ratchet (saved many minutes). Everything fit wonderfully with one exception they do not have pre-drilled holes for the screw that goes into the wood (one per wood slat). Getting the screw to start was time consuming as the screws provided were not the best self-tapping wood screws. Before you put the keyboard tray together, I recommend taking a tiny – tiny bit of Vaseline jelly or graphite lube to coat the bearings otherwise the keyboard tray will squeak when sliding it in or out. The metal pieces are painted with a heavy enamel that is very scratch and chip resistant and all the pieces fit together nicely. Once assembled, the desk is beautiful. On mine I have my 36 inch desk buster monitor, it fits nicely. My sound bar is hidden up under the glass top, suspended across the rear brackets for the keyboard tray. The keyboard tray is so wide both my wife and I have our 14×10 drawing tablets and keyboards with plenty of room on the tray.