Top 5 Gaming Desks

Top Picks: Gaming Desks

Here you will find a list of amazing gaming desks that people ACTUALLY use for gaming.  Not another site where they just throw a bunch of desks together into a list.  We will look at the most popular gaming desk selections, what sells the best, what makes setups look the best, and what has the highest review ratings.

MALM Gaming Desk – Best Overall Desk

Ikea MALM Desk

Best Ikea DeskGaming Cable Management

Ikea Malm Desk Details

Starting off is the MALM desk which is an overall solid desk and I use it for one of my own desk setups and it is also used by TechSource in his perfect desk setup episode 1 and I completely fell in love with it it’s 55 inches in length and 25 inches in width. Nothing really too big but large enough to fit a couple monitors and even your PC Case. The things I like about the desk cable management is extremely easy there’s a rack that allows you to place all of your power strips and keep majority of the cables in there so that they are not hanging down. Definitely an awesome cable management setup for a desk.

It also comes in black brown and white and it has two drawers which can be used for storage. There is a perfect organizer that fits the MALM desk that will help keep things separated if you do decide to go with it I was like the flexibility during installation, it actually gives you the option to put the drawer on the left side instead if that’s what you prefer. The price is pretty steep but I assure you that you are getting what you pay for just overall a very solid an awesome desk, I highly recommend it

LINNMON Budget Gaming Desk – Best Budget Desk

LINNMON Gaming Desk

Ikea Desk DrawerLINNMON Ikea Desktop

LINNMON Desk Details

Next up we have the extremely annoying yet popular Linnmon desk that we see so many of in setup Wars. The reason why it’s so popular because it’s simple it’s cheap and it gets the job done. For a very cheap price, you get a solid table that will hold up your minimalistic set up. Things I like: super small and compact. It doesn’t take up much space in your room and it comes in a ton of colors to choose from. You got black blue white brown and even the legs can be modified in the color you want which is great since you can match the color theme of your setup. I do suggest picking up a pencil drawer and installing it under the desk because this way you have some storage space for miscellaneous items no dedicated cable management area how are picking up a cable management rack will surely remedy that situation.

VertDesk – Best Standing Desk

VertDesk Review

best gaming setup

VertDesk Details

This is my own gaming desk setup and the reason why I’m including this is that not only have I had this for almost three years, but this is still my favourite gaming setup even until today for several reasons.

Number One:

It’s motorized giving me the option to lift and lower whenever I want.

Number Two:

This is the main reason, the surface area. It’s 72 inches in width making it one of the few if not the only motorized desk that wide. Even until today, I haven’t come across another motorized desk that comes close to 72 inches. I love having all that space since I have a bunch of stuff on it and I feel like it doesn’t really limit my ability to add whatever I want later in the future. Great for any gaming setup.

Things I like:

The enormous surface area. 72 by 30 inches to be exact.
Ability to lift and lower the desk with a press of a button.
Extremely sturdy and well built. This table has been through hell the past two and a half years and it still works like new.


Ikea Desk : Hallestad – Best Multimedia Desk

Ikea Desk

Ikea Desk Idea

Ikea Desk: Hallestad Desk Details

This is more of a modded desk since it requires the Hallestad tabletop and two Alex drawer units. You basically use the drawers as support and slap on the table top. I really like this top specifically because it has an aluminium brushed finish which looks really good. Alto from TechSource’s Setup Wars episode 17 rocked this exact table layout and it just looked so damn good.

Things I like: very large surface area. This tabletop comes in either 74 or 98 inches for its width, that’s crazy long! Also, the premium feels and look flexibility. You don’t have to buy ikea drawers, you can actually place it on top of two objects that have the same height. And finally, the sturdy build.. even with all that stuff in the middle, it’s still as straight as Mel Gibson.

Things that don’t like: it’s over a hundred bucks just for a tabletop you don’t get any legs or space for cable management.

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

The Walker Edison desk comes in an L-shaped style which offers a corner block for additional space. Its glass design gives a sleek and elegant design. Moreover, it is unrestrained by giving extra shelves for compact storage.


This item offers two rectangular desktops and a quarter-round shaped desktop. When combined, they form an L-shape style that provides a generous surface area for all gaming peripherals and monitors.

Made with tempered safety glass top

The table top of the desk is made from safety glass which offers a sleek design to the whole computer desk. It emphasizes the desk’s neatness and simple design.

Built with a CPU stand and keyboard tray

This feature allows you to place your CPU securely under the desk. The desk’s corners are securely designed to enclose the CPU steadfastly. A keyboard tray is also provided to store your keyboard in place. It can be installed underneath in ether section of the desk.

Created with a durable steel frame

The entire desk is supported by a strong base made with a steel frame. It is glossed with a powder coat finish.


Attractive design

The glass top of the desk brings sophistication to the design of the computer desk. It gives off a clean finish which emphasizes the simplicity and neatness of the desk.

More storage space

This item comes with a CPU stand and keyboard tray that offers storage to these important computer peripherals, This gives more convenience to to the desk’s functional design. With this advantage, you can already type in your desktop with great ease.

Abundant surface area

The L-shaped style of the desk gives more room for other computer peripherals and table ornaments. With this space-saving design, you can place this in any corner of the office or room.

Things to be aware of

A few users have complained that their glass top has easily broken nto pieces. This could happen if you don’t handle it with care. Nonetheless, this product has satisfied the majority of its customers.

Bottom Line

This item is a perfect addition to any room which searches for an elegant looking gaming desk. This is not limited for functionality alone, but it also offers a great space-saving benefit by giving you a neat organization of computer accessories through its extra shelves for keyboard and CPU.

Here’s a great video of a few super cheap options as well.